Laminate Flooring

LaminateLaminate flooring was launched in Europe in 1984 and introduced into North America ten years later. Because of its durability, aesthetic appeal, do-it-yourself installation and low cost, laminate flooring has been one of the fastest growing floor choices in recent years.

Laminate Flooring Advantages

  • Saves you money – Laminate flooring is typically half the cost of traditional hardwood flooring
  • Easy & quickly installed with glue
  • Installing laminate doesn’t involve nails
  • Designed to be Scratch-resistant
  • Designed to be Fade resistant

Laminate Brands We Carry

  • Beaulieu
  • Torlys
  • Quick Step
  • Shaw
  • Richmond
  • Pravada
  • Unique Flooring


Laminate manufacturers employ computerized technology to form realistic wood and tile design patterns. They then add an extremely durable and easy to maintain wear layer over top of the entire plank. The finished product closely resembles real wood, stone or tiles, and it is available in many styles and colours.


Laminate floors are composed of different layers of varying materials, which are pressed together to form a hard, thick core. The top layer is a print film designed to resemble real wood. A tough wear layer is installed over the plank to protect the overall product from everyday use.


Laminate Structure

Laminate core is generally made up of a high-density fibreboard, and it is impregnated with melamine plastic resins to improve core moisture resistance. The core also forms the important tongue and groove locking system essential to easy installation. Varying in length from 7 to 15 mm, the core becomes stronger and more durable as its thickness increases.

Backing Layer

The backing layer is usually made from melamine, which provides extra structural stability and moisture protection.


Planks are fused together through a one or two-step process. High Pressure Laminates (HPL) have a very strong core due to the two-step manufacturing process. HPL planks are made by gluing together the different layers of materials to form the core of the plank. The remaining layers are then glued and infused to the core to reinforce the entire plank.

Direct Pressure Laminates (DPL) are formed through a process where all materials are fused together in one step.


In recent years, laminate flooring styles have improved dramatically as graphics have become more realistic.

Some manufacturers offer an ‘embossed in register’ laminate style. This style of laminate flooring has a realistic texture and grain pattern, which mimics natural wood flooring.

Other ‘natural wood’ laminates include micro- beveled edged, hand scraped, distressed and wire-brushed styles. To add to the natural effect, some wood plank laminate flooring is offered in random lengths. The differing lengths (three or more) break up the uniformity of the regularly even-sized lengths to give the flooring a more rustic look and feel.

Tile & stone look laminates are available in various shapes, texture and sizes.

AC Rating

The AC Rating (1-5) system grades laminate flooring based on durability. The lower the traffic in a particular room or area, the lower the grade of flooring needed.

Residential-Bedroom, guest room – low traffic areas
Residential-Living room, dining room, child’s room – medium traffic areas
Residential- Hallways, entrance, stairs – high traffic areas
Light Commercial- Offices, cafés, low traffic stores – low to mid traffic areas
Heavy Commercial- Public buildings, shopping malls, department stores, schools, gyms – Very high traffic areas

Laminate Installation

Laminate floors are designed for floating application over different sub floors. A special underlay is required underneath the laminate to allow for cushioning and to prevent moisture penetration – especially in the case of concrete sub floors. The underlay also allows for contraction or expansion of the laminate due to fluctuation in moisture and heat. Laminate can be installed below, on or above grade level, as well as on stairs. An acoustic underlay may reduce sound transmission.

Laminate Installation Tips

  • When installing, ensure that the subfloor is perfectly level and does not squeak when pressure is applied.
  • Leave a gap between the laminate and walls to allow room for the floor to expand.
  • Always follow manufacturer installation instructions in order to avoid any warranty issues.

Laminate Floor Maintenance

While durable, laminate floor can still be scratched. Regular maintenance and precautions will protect your laminate floor for many years. Here are some tips to lengthen the life of your laminate flooring.

  • Use felt padding under all furniture legs
  • Avoid dragging heavy objects across the floor
  • Vacuum the floor regularly
  • Avoid using harsh abrasives when cleaning floor
  • Use manufacturer specified or approved cleaning products and a micro fiber mop
  • Do not polish or wax the floor
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Protect Your Laminate Floor

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Maintain Your Laminate Floor

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